Hunter S. Thompson’s ashes were shot into the Woody Creek sky last night, and thus ends his story. 

My cousin Brian is getting married next weekend, and I have been forced to acquire my first sport coat since high school as a result.  I am not unhappy about finally having to get another sport coat, but I consider myself lucky to have been able to go more than ten years without one.  About the wedding I am excited, as I haven’t seen most of my extended family since Christmas, and most of us will be staying in the same Holiday Inn.

I was washing my hands in the bathroom of Westfield Shoppingtown this afternoon and I noticed a gray hair on the side of my head.  I got no problem with this–I consider myself lucky to still have hair, albeit less than I had when last I wore a sport coat.  I do have a problem with the fact that apparently grAy and grEy are both acceptable spellings for the color of the hair on the side of my head, but this is not going to keep me up at night.

I’ve had trouble sleeping these last few nights, and I’m not sure if I should attribute this to the new One-A-Day Energy Formula vitamins I started taking this week.  I don’t know exactly why I switched to the energy formula, as I’m not really in need of energy.  I suppose I figured–at the time, standing in front of the vitamin rack at Drug Mart–that I could always use more energy, and the inclusion of ginseng made me think of Korea.  Now, however, I’m thinking I should put the energy formula aside for a time when I really need energy.  Perhaps this will keep the gods of energy overindulgence from punishing me with sleep deprivation.  If the Greeks had a god of energy overindulgence, I think he would be called Zippy-Zap.

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