Where have I been?

Where have I been?

I spent last weekend with my family in Columbus, celebrating my cousin Brian’s marriage to his long-time girlfriend Jenny.  It was quite a time, full of red meat and wine, and with enough strange memories to last the family through another few Christmases.  I wore my new black sport coat to the wedding on Saturday, and I sang "Feliz Navidad" at the Holiday Inn bar on Friday. 

On Sunday I rode back to Cleveland with my family, we rested for a few hours at home, and then drove out to a Korean restaurant on the east side with my uncle Joe, aunt Sue, and cousin Joey (who were also at the wedding).  Once again an American version of Korea surprised me with its authenticity, and we all left the restaurant stinking of soju and garlic.

If I am being too pithy, it is because I am tired and not feeling remarkably well.

On Monday night, I saw Maura perform her first official show at a cool bar on the east side.  She did a bang-up job, and as "I am tired and not feeling remarkably well," I will let my friend Lauren’s description take it from here… (click on that link back there).

And today I went to a movie with my sister, during which I started feeling rather unwell in the stomach-area, so after which I took a nap.  My sister flew back to San Francisco earlier tonight, after which I went over and had a farewell dinner with Becky and friends–she moves to NYC tomorrow.  That brings us to now–me sitting in front of my parents’ computer hastily typing out this crappy post while the remnants of hurricane Katrina make everything outside very wet. 

I’m moving to Savannah in a week, and I’m really ready, although I’m also really wondering where the summer went.  My eyes itch, and I miss my girlfriend. 

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