suddenly August first

It is suddenly August first again.  Jesus, are we really at August first again?  Time goes.  This is the thirty-second August first I have experienced, and still I am taken aback by the abrupt nature of its arrival.  Perhaps I should switch to the Julian calendar, and then in a year from I can post about the magic of my first Sextilis first.

Over the weekend I finally made the decision to start my MFA in Film & Video at the Savannah College of Art & Design in the fall.  So, barring any unforeseen complications, I will be purchasing a seersucker suit and moving to the deep south in about six weeks.  Very exciting, yes.  Scary, a bit.  The department is small, the equipment is very good, and (I’m told) the town is remarkable.  If nothing else, it should give me something interesting to write about in here for the next three years or so.  I have also never had a mint julep, so…

Suggestions for a new website/blog name are now being accepted.  I was considering "Land of the Anxious" and/or "Land of the Anxious Anxious," but neither of these strike me as remarkable/witty enough to go with.  Perhaps "Land of the Anxious Mint Julep?"  Anyone?  I shall make it a contest.  The winner, if there is one, will get a bag of Fritos and an "I BRAKE FOR ELVIS" key-chain.  How ’bout them apples?  (Please note: The winner, if there is one, will get no apples.)

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