"sausage market"

I am back at Panera Bread in Westlake, exploiting the free wifi to download the latest episode of Six Feet Under.  There’s a couple sitting in the corner across from me, and the male of the pair is talking loudly, animatedly, and vulgarly to the woman sitting across from him.  I just heard him say "sausage market," followed immediately by "cocksuckers" and "bullshit."  Sometimes I miss not being able to understand the native language.

I’ll be moving to Georgia in about three weeks, and everything seems to be mostly in place for the move.  I am excited, and anxious, and then excited again after reading the descriptions of Savannah in "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil."  I hope that it is as beautiful and charming a place as I have been led to believe… I expect it will be.

The music they play in Panera Bread is often really unfortunate.

Home has been full of seeing and catching up with old friends, some of whom I haven’t talked to or seen since I first moved to Korea almost two years ago.  I’ve been going out almost every night, which I justify by telling myself that it might be a while before I am able to see and play with many of these people again.  In this vein, and many others, I am very happy to be remaining in America for film school.  I’m not sure I’m ready to be an ocean apart from everyone I love again (Lauren and Korean friends excluded, sadly and obviously).

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