rabbit poop

I don’t really have anything to write about, but I feel the need to post.  Another post about nothing, so stop reading if you don’t like the song.

The song goes: I’ve figured my shit out more than I thought I was capable of, yet still I remain perplexed about my life.  Where’s the god damned clarity to go with these god damned plans?  Is there an extra charge for clarity?  Do I need to take out a loan for clarity?  Sheeeat.  Sometimes life is a jack. 

It was originally sung by Judy Garland, but was recently remade by Clay Aiken.  I prefer the Clay Aiken version, but most people seem to prefer the original.  Go figure.

I need to start looking at my life in America through the same glasses that I left in Korea, because this normal-normal-normal shit is getting ridiculous, and these word-posts are getting pathetic.  Perhaps I’ll begin posting series of pictures to represent my deepest thoughts.  For example, I could put a picture of a bird followed by a picture of a toilet, and that would mean: "Birdy has to go potty!"

Once, when I was vacationing with my family in North Carolina, a bird crapped on my head.  I find bird crap to be the most confusing and unsettling of all animal waste, not at all like bunnies and their perfectly round little turds.  Amazing, really… rabbit poop.

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