a pair of pajama pants

I’ve been preoccupied and lazy, and as a result my best blog intentions have remained as such.  I apologize to you, my loyal readers, although I still can’t make any promises as to when I might change.  I still have many photos from Korea to upload, as well as more photos from my time in Japan and some from my time back here in the States.  I also have photo album reorganization intentions, some of which I have begun but not completed.  So, yeah, my bad.
I have been preoccupied with getting money for grad school, which I’m pretty sure I now have, and with finding a place to live in Savannah for my first three months.  It appears as if my sister is going to be purchasing a house in Savannah–both for tax reasons and for me–so I’ll hopefully be moving into that starting in 2006.
The suburbs have started to stagnate me, or perhaps this is just an excuse for my laziness.  A crappy excuse, at that.
I forgot how rampant consumerism is the norm in America–buying shit seems to be the cure for whatever ails ye.  Today I bought a bunch of frames at Target for one dollar each, which satisfied both my American consumer instinct as well as my poor soon-to-be-grad student status.  I also bought some socks, four D batteries, four mini party lights (also one dollar each–one for me, and three for friends), and a pair of pajama pants.  Can life get more exciting?  I submit that it cannot.

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