What's that Mr. Fisty?

I am now back home in Cleveland, surrounded and slightly overwhelmed by the piles of media I forgot I owned.  In Korea, there was always a relative drought of English books, films, and (kinda) music; this recent monsoon has confronted me with a glut of choices, leaving me unable to choose. 

Also confronting me here in Cleveland is my parents’ dial-up internet access, the speed of which has kept me from posting until now.  The back of my head remains worried that I am going to lose this whole post in some phenomenal touch-tone-related tragedy, and yet I press on.

Despite my strife, it has been good to be back home.  My familiarity with this place is comforting, as is the fact that it doesn’t really change all that much–there are still two trees in my front yard, there is still a lake (Erie) down the street, there are still many white people about.  My parents did remodel their kitchen while I was gone, and I find myself going to where the garbage can used to be to throw garbage away, like some gambling amputee trying to shuffle cards with a hook.  I challenge you to come up with a more abstract and unclear metaphor than that.

Since returning to America, I’ve been at a loss for words to post, as I am terrified of becoming one of these bloggers who writes about the mundane trivialities of their life.  Living in Asia always justified my existence as a blogger, at least in my head, as most things about my life weren’t "normal."  Now, though, I am just another American living in America doing this trendy blogging thing that I’ve heard so much about on MSNBC.  Perhaps I’ll rename this blog "LAND OF MY ANXIOUS KITTIES!!!" and write pages and pages about the antics of my nonexistent cats…

"Today, Mittens went to the bathroom FIVE TIMES, and poor little Mr. Fisty got feisty with a paper towel!  Mitten’s first poop was five inches long, and it smelled of tuna.  I stared at my kitties for twelve straight hours today, and now my eyes are bleeding!  Oh, happy day!  I wonder what my kitties will do tomorrow?  God is my kitties!  GOD IS MY KITTIES!  BOW DOWN TO THEIR SOFT FURRY POWER!  What’s that Mr. Fisty?  You want me to bring you the head of the neighbor’s dog?  OK!  Yes, Mittens?  Who is all against me?  Them?  You want me to do what?  But I like having fingers!"

…and so forth.

8 comments to What's that Mr. Fisty?

  • yeah, exactly why i haven’t posted in over a month myself. somehow i thought the Daily Epiphanies About Living In Japan would just naturally and seamlessly melt into Daily Epiphanies About Texas As Seen Through The Eyes Of Someone Who Just Returned From Living In Japan.



    glad you’re still around though. i hope you’ll keep in touch.

  • Lauren

    Wow. You sure is pompous, Jefie. ; )

  • Jef

    I’ll allow pretentious.

  • Lauren

    I’ll meet you halfway:

    Either “elitist” or “snobby”–you choose.

  • Hi Jef,

    Good to hear you made it back! Did you have a good train ride? Are you implying I blog too much about my cat?

  • Jef

    I’ll go with elitist.

    (Jenn–> I’m not implying anything about you, your blog, or your cat.)

  • Aunt Rosamarinara

    “Mundane trivialities” to one person can be “highlights of the day” to another.
    Glad you’re home.

  • I think your aunt speaks the truth. Perhaps reading about your mundane trivialities are the highlights of my (or someone else’s) seriously ho-hum day! Some days, this may seem sad, but alas, it may be true!

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