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Saw Andrew Bird play last night at the Bowery Ballroom, and I’m not sure what I expected, only that my expectations were exceeded and confused.  I could try and describe exactly what he does on stage, but his website does a much better job of it: ". . .alternately plucking and bowing his violin, then immediately sampling the results, layering the sounds with guitar, whistling, glockenspiel and vocals."  The result is a solo performance that sounds like a tightly-knit group, and one of the more remarkable live shows I have seen in my thirty-one years.  If you have the means, I highly recommend picking up some of his music, and if he is ever around, I highly recommend checking him out.

Until then, you can listen to his new album in its entirety here: The Mysterious Production of Eggs.

He was hanging out in the bar after his set, so I played the dork and had him sign the CD I’d just bought.  On it he wrote: "To my pal Jeff," which strikes me as strangely condescending, but perhaps it’s only because of the superfluous "f."

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