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  • In Japanese, there are different counting words based on the shape and/or size of the objects being counted.  For example, if you are counting flat things you use "-mai," but if you are counting small animals or bugs you use "-hiki."
  • I am curious to know how much rice one small paddy can yield in one harvest.
  • Credit cards are rarely accepted outside of the big cities, and international ATMs are almost impossible to find.  This is surprising in a country that boasts the world’s second largest economy, and frustrating to an American who came here expecting to be able to withdraw some yen at the Family Mart around the corner.
  • They do sell two liter bottles of whiskey at grocery stores here, however, which lessens my ATM frustration somewhat.
  • The only people who wear sunglasses in Japan are gangsters and foreigners.
  • Break-dancing is surprisingly popular here.  It is not uncommon to come across a group of teenagers doing head spins on the sidewalk, albeit with safety helmets on.

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  • jeebus

    the “different words for counting different objects” applies in Korean too! not everything is 한개, 두개, etc…

    – a random person in cyberspace that’s been following the blog of someone they’ve never met for far, far too long

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