my need for a clear path fix

I found out last night that I got accepted into the Film & Television MFA program at the Savannah College of Art and Design.  The catch is that I’ll need to take about a year of undergraduate film and video courses before I begin the two year graduate program, a catch which wouldn’t bother me at all if not for the monetary aspect of it.  In the end, though, I plan to go (further) into debt in order to get my MFA anyway, so what’s another twenty grand going to matter?  Heh, heh… er.

I am still haphazardly waiting to hear about loans for EICAR (the school in Paris), but lately I find myself leaning towards going to SCAD.  While it would be amazing to spend two years studying film in Paris, it would also be complicated and difficult in many non-film school ways.  The essential question seems to be:  Do I want to learn how to make movies, or do I want to live in Paris?  I want to do both, really, but my emphasis is on the former–must be on the former.  To that end, I think that SCAD is the better choice, both because the program is better and because I think I’ll prefer an environment with many different kinds of creativity going on as opposed to just film film film.  Also, while I hesitate to admit it, the idea of living in a beautiful town in the deep south appeals to me almost as much as living in Paris does, albeit in a totally different way.

I have yet to make my final decision, although I’m probably going to have to do so by the end of the month.  I kinda hope that loans for EICAR don’t come through, thereby eliminating the decision altogether.  For the time being, though, I’m still waiting and seeing, although my need for a clear path fix is starting to give me the itch.  I’ll let you know when I do.

2 comments to my need for a clear path fix

  • kati

    i had a friend who really, really hated SCAD and his life while he was there, but at the same time, he is an extremely moody and crazy person, so what do i know.

    it seems like you could still learn film while living in paris as well? but i see you leaning toward savannah so i’ll stop talking now 🙂

  • Roman

    What makes you think, that SCAD program is better than EICAR’s?

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