Well… how did I get here?

I keep intending to post about the DMZ tour I took a few weeks ago, but as soon as I sit down to my computer I find that there are far too many distractions, and that the task of describing the tour in a manner befitting it would take more effort than I am willing to expend. Tonight I started to edit some of the pictures I took there, but then I got sidetracked… my mind has trouble focussing with all this imminent transition.

Speaking of imminent transition, I realized earlier today that it always seems to make music/poetry/words more profound, so this will probably result in a glut of this sort of thing…

And you may find yourself living in a shotgun shack.
And you may find yourself living in another part of the world.
And you may find yourself behind the wheel of a large automobile.
And you may find yourself in a beautiful house, with a beautiful wife.
And you may ask yourself: Well… how did I get here?

-Talking Heads, “Once In A Lifetime”

…so stop reading for a while if this sort of thing annoys you, but

      download and listen to the whole song
before you do. It is a good one, and it speaks to me these days.

Jefsirpenis_1Here is a picture of me and Desiree’s new dog–“Sir Good.” The other night she said that “Sir Good” was an apt name for him, but this picture clearly indicates that “Sir Giant Penis” is a far more appropriate moniker. I understand, though, that this would be an awkward thing to shout out in a park or other public place. “SIR GIANT PENIS! COME! SIT!”

Two consecutive posts with genitalia references–I am on fire.

This seems to be an appropriate time to assuage any fears (nightmares, I’m willing to bet) that any of you might be having about me ending this blog when I leave Korea. I shall continue posting as I have been, but I will be restructuring the photo albums somewhat, as they have gotten to be a bit out of hand. The title and URL will remain the same, as I plan to incite anxiety in dogs everywhere I end up going from hereon out–either by showing them the photos of me eating one of their brethren, or by slaughtering and eating a dog in their presence. I haven’t decided yet.

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