the open eyes

I’ve got about ten more weeks left here in South Korea, perhaps eleven if I decide to take a week to travel around before I leave.  Ten more weeks of teaching, at any rate, and that is the essential part.  Once I’m done teaching I will be a tourist again, and I’m hoping this will bring with it the open eyes I had when I first arrived. 

They’re coming back, the open eyes… gradually.  I’ll be standing at a bus stop on my way to school, or staring back at an old Korean man on the subway, or standing in front of a classroom full of Korean teenagers, and the world will start to go in slow-motion as my mind realizes that this is a moment worth grasping at.  So many moments here are worth grasping at, clinging to–perhaps too many–but it is only when time stops seeming endless that I’m able to recognize them.  Only when I know I’ll be leaving do I open my eyes wide enough to see what I’ll be missing.

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