Thorazine to squelch

The desire to post something, but the lack of something interesting to post about.  This usually leads to trouble.

It was in the lower sixties and breezy earlier today, but now it is cold and snowing again.  Cleveland weather is difficult.  I forgot how perpetually overcast it is here between October and March, it’s enough to make one forget what the sun actually looks like.  I recall a shiny round thing in the sky, but memory is highly fallible.

I like America, for all it’s shortcomings.  Or, perhaps, I just like the West.  Things make more sense to me here, there is a larger selection of toothpaste to choose from, and I don’t have to teach Koreans how to speak English.  There’s more to it than this, of course, but I am trying to be both funny and interesting.  The food, too, is also much better — I do enjoy sandwiches and exotic cheese.

I am amazed at how quickly I have fallen back into a sort-of Cleveland-living rhythm.  It was perhaps the first few days that were a bit off-centering, but after that it was almost as if I’d never left.  I still know where my friends and family live, I still know where the big mall is, I still know where to buy the best martini in town.  What’s changed, if anything, is in the way that I find myself looking around at these familiar surroundings and feeling nostalgia pangs for all the memories that I have associated with many of them.  Nostalgia was initially considered a mental disorder and treated with heavy medication — mine would require Thorazine to squelch.

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  • Jenni

    Hnn. I was bored today, so I typed in “anxious” onto google, and this was the most interesting looking result. So, yeah, I’m just a passerby.

    You take great pictures.

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