a cat named Lucky

Still in Columbus, but leaving in a matter of hours.  A fun and escape-filled trip, one that I will not soon forget but will have trouble precisely remembering. 

I was initially planning on returning to Korea the weekend after next, but I have decided to delay my return by a week.  My airplane ticket is open-ended, and I feel like I haven’t finished many of the things I’ve intended to finish while I am here.  I’m really in no hurry to return to my life in Seoul, but knowing that it’s only for three more months makes it easier to digest.

Here is a strange photo of a cat named Lucky…


Brit Hume's giant digital head

I’m in Columbus, Ohio.  I’m here visiting my cousin Brian and his fiance Jennie, and hopefully some other friends who also live in the area but who I have yet to get a hold of.  It’s a nice distraction, being here.  Brian and Jennie have a very large wide screen television and surround sound system in their basement, it even makes Fox News interesting.  Last night I found myself lying on the couch and staring fixedly at Brit Hume’s giant digital head — it was magical.

I am tired of talking about what happened with her.  Words and the obligatory "I’m sorr[ies]" and "that sucks"es that follow only seem to exacerbate this feeling of loss.  I miss her, I want to talk to her, but I can’t… this, more than anything else.

then who?

Happy 2005.  Two thousand and five.  Strange craziness, that.

I spent New Year’s Eve with her, and then drove her to the airport on New Year’s Day.  She’s gone now, and I am left with this heartache and missing.  My tear ducts have been flushed more than thrice.  I know these things happen, although perhaps not in the same way or under the same circumstances.  Feelings change, feelings stay the same, life goes on.  The unshakable thing is that this thing between us was different, was the thing — if not her, then who?

It was unseasonably warm today.  I stood at my bedroom window and watched two kids in tee-shirts try and fly a large styrofoam airplane.  Later, it rained.