Let me get you some brandy.

I’m not sick, but I’m not well.

Thank you, Harvey Danger, if that is your real name.  I get it.

Due to an inability to find an acceptable connecting flight from Tokyo to Seoul, I will not be returning to South Korea until the seventh of February.  My recruiter tells me that I will still have one of my hagwon jobs when I get back, but due to extensive past mayhem involving her I remain highly skeptical of this claim.  I shall find out when I get there, I suppose.

Being in the states for two and a half more weeks will be ok, though.  I’m enjoying my time here, despite the fact that my finances are beginning to drip drip drip.  I still have some things that I must do, and some things that I would like to do, and also some things that I may do if I accomplish everything in the above two categories.

I am sitting in a coffeehouse in Rocky River right now, making use of their free WiFi, and there is a row of bamboo growing in two brown pots by the door.  It strikes me as odd–bamboo growing in Northeastern Ohio–and it makes me wish they had a panda bear, too.  A coffeehouse with a panda bear, now that’s a goldmine of an idea.  You could call it "Panda Time Coffee!" and charge extra for the coffee because of the panda bear. 

I watched Brief Encounter this afternoon, and it left me wondering why British people always drink brandy when they are feeling at all unwell.  You have a headache?  Let me get you some brandy.  You’re hungry?  Let me get you some brandy?  You’re allergic to alcohol?  Let me get you some brandy.  Does brandy possess some cure-all medicinal quality that I am unaware of, or are British people just closet alcoholics?  Anyone?  I am too lazy to do an Internet search on this one.

I am feeling lonely, can someone please get me a panda bear and some brandy?

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