Keep punching, y'all.

Earlier today, Land of the Anxious Dog got its 40,000th hit.  While I realize that this is, perhaps, a pittance when compared to many other websites, this milestone gives me a strange and admittedly-meaningless happiness during this emotionally tumultuous time in my life.  So, 40,000 hits–yay, me.  Keep punching, y’all. 

Beyond that, this last week in Cleveland has taken on a hurried quality.  Many people I’ve been meaning to see, and now only one more week in which to do it.  Last night I ended up at a karaoke bar in Lakewood with some old improv friends/acquaintances, and it was the same as it was except that I am now more popular than I was when I left.  Before I moved to Korea it was "Hey, Jef…" and last night it was "Jef!" and drinks purchased for me.  If only I could be a perpetual brief-visit returner.

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