I have overstayed

I have been an emotional one this week, sliding from contentment to despair to confusion in a seemingly haphazard way.  There’s reasons, there always are, but the root of it is this feeling that I have overstayed my Cleveland welcome.  I’m too used to here again, life is beginning to become routine, and out of that comes the return of the inevitable questions:  What is my life?  What is my future?  Where did my past go?  Emotional melee comes hand in hand with these questions, which is why I reckon most people try to avoid them.  Not me, though… I’m a glutton for the emotional melee.

I’ll be moving again in a week, though.  Off to NYC next Tuesday, then back to Seoul on the following Sunday.  I will be returning to Korea unemployed, as my inept and slightly deceitful recruiter has managed to lose both of the jobs I was planning on returning to.  This sucks, but English teaching work is not too difficult to find in Seoul, so I am not terribly concerned… not yet, anyway.

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