"open classes"

Today we had "open classes" at my Wednesday hogwan, which meant that the parents were allowed to sit-in on their children’s classes.  For me this meant that instead of just having to keep a room full of Korean kids reasonably engaged and learning, I also had to keep their parents impressed or reasonably satisfied or whatever.  It was hard.  The kids were remarkably well-behaved, which was nice, but they were also much more reluctant to take question-answering initiative, which often resulted in me having to (literally) spell out the answers for them.  I feel that this made me look like a crappy teacher, but oh well… I will take my frustration out on the children next week when their parents aren’t around. 

At the end of my last class, one of the parents clapped.  I smiled and said "ohh, thank you," but ten minutes later I realized that he might have been clapping because my class was (finally) over.  It was easily my best class of the day, though, so I’m going to stick with my initial reaction. 

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