I usually like working in different places all over Seoul — getting from job to job has allowed me to see much more of the city than I ever would were I working at one particular school — but when the air gets cold and slightly-snowy, as it did today, the transit loses its charm.

The first snow of the winter fell today.  I noticed when I was teaching my Difficult Private this morning — she got up to make me some green tea, and in the space she vacated was a window that was full of swirling snow.  I wanted to point it out to my student, but by the time she returned with my tea it had ended. 

The first snow of the winter is a strange event, it carries a strange and abstract nostalgia with it.  Yes, everything carries nostalgia to me, what differentiates the first snow of the winter is the strange-ness and abstract-ness.  Nothing concrete, just a faint unlocatable pang.

Anyway, today was a long day.  Rain/snow mixes can be very annoying.  Stupid indecisive weather!  Make up your mind, jackass!  Will I need an umbrella?  Should I wear a hat?  Why, God?  Why?

"Mmmm…" is a word that I taught one of my classes a coupla weeks ago.  It was in a story we were reading about a pizza ("Where is Pizza?" for those of you who enjoy such things), and there was the word: "Mmmm…"  The student who got stuck reading it pronounced it "EmEmEmEm" which was totally unexpected.  I had to correct him, after which I wrote "Mmmm…" on the board and had everyone say it.  After they learned it, it became their favorite word, which was funny at first but soon became a bit annoying and strangely unsettling.  "Mmmm… teacher!  Mmmm… teacher!  Teacher!  Teacher!  Mmmm…"

2 comments to "EmEmEmEm"

  • Anonymous

    hehehe, adorable little children…
    the weather is not much different on the other side of the world. we had our first snow just yesterday followed by rain then freezing rain then snow this morning.

  • ember

    hah thats funny i would be like shut up! umm im forced to live in arkansas it never snows -ass holes- well gunna go
    p.s. i have no idea how i got to this site?!?!?!

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