Today I bought some fireworks at a stationery store.  So, that was strange.  One would think they would only have stationery, and maybe some pens and other things that one associates with stationery, but no… fireworks, and many of them.  Roman candles, fountains, bottle rockets…  many things that one must light and get away from. 

While I was perusing the fireworks selection at the Korean stationery store, one of the employees walked shyly up to me and said "fireworks."  I smiled and said "yeeeesssss," to which she giggled and walked away.

I might have bought the fireworks only because I was so surprised at their being sold in a stationery store.  Perhaps I have fallen for some devious Korean marketing scheme:  selling things in unexpected places so as to add a strange novelty to their purchase.  They do sell cigarettes in most of the pharmacies here, although I haven’t fallen for that.  If I, say, came across a live donkey for sale in a computer store — SOLD!

There is a talking donkey in one of the stories I am reading in one of my hagwon jobs ("Feast Island" — again, for those who are interested in that sort of thing).  It strikes me as being very derivative of Shrek, although perhaps Shrek is derivative of it.  Anyway, the children find the word "donkey" to be quite funny — they giggle every time someone says it, so I make them repeat it over and over and over. 

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  • I found your journal very interesting, not only cause you write very nice, but also cause I´m a korean freak (and never been there) so it´s great to know a little from you.
    Have a nice week!
    Veronica from Spain.

  • Shrek was originally a book by William Steig. Good stuff (for those who are interested in that sort of thing). Did you quit smoking?

  • In Japan, we buy our fireworks at the convenience store, with our beer. Or our band-aids.

  • In Denmark, we buy our fireworks in the same stores that sell house paint and wall paper.

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