coming back

Happy Halloween. Boo, and shit.

There is no Halloween in Korea, with the exception of a handful of club parties for foreigners to go and get drunk at. I went to no parties this weekend, as I have been feeling slightly unwell since the mayhem of Wednesday night. It has started to get chilly here, and when it starts to get chilly the pollution seems to hang lower over the city, which makes many people sick and gives me a fairly perpetual sore throat. Halls makes a fortune here, I reckon.

I bought my plane ticket home on Friday. I am flying to New York City on December 12th, spending a few days playing with my friends there, and then I’m planning on either Amtraking or cheap flighting it home to Cleveland on Thursday or Friday. I bought an open-ended round-trip ticket — at this point I’m planning on returning to Korea sometime in the middle of January.

Yes, I’m coming back to Korea. I don’t feel like my life here will be “done” in six more weeks, and I’m not yet ready to begin to force a sense of closure on my time in Korea. That, and the won to dollar exchange rate has gotten significantly better in the last three months, and I want to travel some more, and potential grad school won’t start until the fall. So on, so forth. So, three more months and then hopefully back to the Middle East.

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