Just a thought.

I’m having this strange thought again tonight, a thought of perhaps returning to Korea for three months early next year. I realize how unusual this sounds, considering how eager I seem to be to leave here in December, but this is an idea that has occurred to me a few times in the past month and has gained strength with each occurrence. Perhaps with my departure becoming more imminent, the future is quickly coming into focus and I’m starting to realistically assess my options.

I am planning on returning to school next fall, and am currently in the process of contacting graduate schools and putting together application materials. I plan to take the GRE when I get home, but after that I’m probably going to have seven or eight months before I start school. I could look for a job in the States, but the job market there is shit right now, and I’d probably end up either at a restaurant or in a cubicle. I’ve thought about substitute teaching, which I understand is good money, but I doubt the money is as good or as easy as it is here. If I come back here and work for three more months I could pay down more of my debt, and perhaps do some more travelling as well… it seems like the most ideal option at this point.

Just a thought.

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  • Rach

    Sounds like a good idea cousin. I’m glad that you’re planning to take the GRE and go back to school for something…that’s just how I feel at this point: I’ll be doing something next fall. Maybe with you back in Korea, I’ll have the guts to come back to France. I love it here, I do but more than anything I want to see you at Christmas.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes. 22 is not so bad. Last night I even dreamt that you were here for my party. Wish it were true.

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