I'm a cowboy.


2 comments to I'm a cowboy.

  • Allie

    Love this pic, Jef! Sounds like you’re having some great experiences over in Japan.

    Surprise, surprise…guess where i still am? Things are even crazier than ever…i’m almost done with my masters’…’nother year yet.

    i’m involved with this semi-new theatre group that produces the 24-hour theatre project..it’s called the wayward theatre production company..check out the website:


    i’m also on the short features selection committee for the next Internation Film Festival, so i’ve been watching lots of film lately.

    do you miss the states?


  • Anonymous

    Loved your “Custer’s Last Stand” picture, the happy Buddhas and pictures of you, Steve and Chris. Also love reading your blog. Thanks for sharing your exploits and adventures on the web.

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