ping-pong gold medal

I found out from one of my adult students today that Korea won the gold medal in ping-pong. I’d say that’s about the funniest thing I’ve heard all week. I’m still laughing about it, truth be told. I mean, of course Korea won the ping-pong gold medal, who else is going to win the ping-pong gold medal? Poland? Guatemala? Iraq? No, no, no… that gold medal had Korea’s name all over it. When they smelted the ping-pong gold medal I bet they engraved Korea on it because they knew it would save time later. Ahh, cultural stereotypes! Lookit em go!

While I am still upset at her for not emailing me before she left, my youngest cousin Rachael is off to study in Paris for a semester (or is it quarter?). I like Paris. I am jealous. She’s keeping a blog about her time there, and she’s a damn good writer, so y’all should read it — Ou est Le Grande Pamplemousse? The name translates as “Where is The Big Grapefruit?”, and I am proud to say that I provided it.

Nager, Rachael! Nager! Nager! Nager!

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