"out of sight, out of mind"

Lately I can’t shake this feeling that, to many of my friends and family in the States, I have left radar range/fallen off the map/flown out of orbit/died. Choose your metaphor. The first few months I was in Korea were full of emails and comments from friends and family, but as time went on the emails and comments (and hits to my website, even) began to dwindle. Now, more than ten months into my absence, the correspondence has all but ended — save for a much-appreciated group with whom I continue to correspond regularly. Thank you — you know who you are.

This is what they mean when they say “out of sight, out of mind.” And I understand, really I do — in some cases it could be argued that I am guilty of the same thing. This doesn’t make it any less frustrating when my attempts at personal contact from halfway around the world are seemingly ignored.

So I suppose this is another reason I am glad to be returning home for Christmas this year, so I can see all these people who didn’t have time to respond to the emails I sent from over here and kill them. Ho, ho, ho! Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I am waiting to hear about a new teaching job I interviewed for late last week, a job that would be very helpful in providing me with lots of money. I think that I got it, but one never knows in South Korea. So, until the recruiter calls me and tells me my hours, I am stuck in relative limbo. Again I ask you to send me your prayers, good vibes, what have you… they worked well last time.

5 comments to "out of sight, out of mind"

  • Anonymous

    You KNOW we’re always thinking about you – and hoping for the best in ALL things.

  • not me. i think you suck.

    and this is the first comment that i think i’ve left on your anxious-dog blog. feel blessed.

  • Anonymous

    I am ALWAYS reading your blog and frequently praying for you. Hope you land that job.

  • Clark

    GO get ’em man!

  • I don’t know about your situation specifically, but I think all of us expats temporary or otherwise will sometimes feel like this. I think the reasons are much more complicated than people having forgotten about you, the people who love you never will. Maybe it’s easier for people to create that distance for the time you’re gone because they’re sad, maybe they’ve temporarily filled your time slot so it won’t seem so empty but it’s happily yours again anytime you want it, maybe they think you’ll have nothing to talk about because you’re somewhere weird and they’re somewhere as usual, maybe it’s just that human rut thing where once a day goes by without writing, a month and then three follows pretty easily even though they said they’d write every day and they mean to but now really, who can write every day,… maybe maybe maybe. It’s a hard thing you’re doing, but 10 months out of sight of the people who really matter will never mean out of mind, nor will 10 years. Sometimes it’s not that we become less, maybe we just temporarily become more abstract. Anyway, hang in there, it may be hard for those people back home to relate to your situation, and they may not realize what those little notes can mean to you or how much you need those little candles burning sometimes, but I have no doubt their feelings about you remain the same. It’s hard for them too. Have a great Christmas trip home! And good luck with that job!

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