kaan 'andi is haal!

Last night I drank a bottle of red wine and played drums on the roof of my apartment with Mat. Mat just got back from a trip to Indonesia, and he brought a bunch of traditional drums back with him. I bought one of them from him, it has a painting of a lizard on it. It is very fun to play.

My other roommate, Lee, recently quit drinking because the doctors told him that his liver was bleeding. He’d decided to go see a doctor after spending a night vomiting blood and feeling dizzy. Before he quit drinking he would drink almost constantly — I would wake up in the morning and see him sitting in his bathrobe drinking a beer, and I would come home at night and he would be on the porch drinking and smoking cigarettes. Now that he quit drinking he sits in his room and watches television all day and night. Television doesn’t make your liver bleed, but it sometimes causes me to vomit blood.

Mat has an alcohol problem, too, but since returning from Indonesia he has decided to quit drinking so he can move to Bali and become a surfer.

Tonight I went out to dinner with my friend Desiree. We went to an Indian restaurant in Itaewon. There was a little girl there who kept giving us pieces of candy, only to return a moment later and take them back again. I ended up with two pieces of candy, both of which are still in the right-front pocket of my jeans.

Tomorrow I meet with Nezar — a half-Egyptian, half-Canadian guy who has offered to give me free Arabic lessons. kaan ‘andi is haal! kaan ‘andi is haal!

The weather here is approaching perfection.

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