the dogs

I have been hesitant to write about the dogs for fear that they may sense my brainwaves and begin barking once again. I ask you to appreciate the chances I take for you, my loyal readers.

One of my neighbors, the one closest to my bedroom window, has three dogs who like to bark at nothing for no apparent reason (aside from being left alone in a tiny Korean apartment all day). The owner of the dogs is rarely home — she leaves early in the morning and returns home (looking drunk) very late at night. While she is gone, she leaves the dogs alone in her apartment with the window open, and the dogs spend their days and nights sleeping and barking intermittently.

Ahh, they’ve just started barking again. My brainwaves must have woken them up, just as I’d anticipated. Share the joy of their noise with me — .

      click here to listen to them
, turn the volume up.

Although my bedroom window is the closest to the dogs, the entire apartment is exposed to (and thus annoyed by) the haphazard yapping of these dogs. So, about three weeks ago, my roommate Mat decided to take action. He took three (non-prescription) sleeping pills (supplied by me) and mixed them up in a blender with some day-old chili. He put this nearly-liquid mixture into a homemade frosting dispenser type thing, then snuck over to the apartment (with Lee, my other roommate (I refused to participate)) and squirted the concoction into the window of the offending dogs’ apartment.

Fifteen minutes later the only sound was the quiet barking of the smallest dog, it had apparently been unable to get its intended share of the chili.

The next morning I woke up to silence, which was unusual. There was no noise at all from the dogs. Mat was beginning to show concern that he may have used too many sleeping pills, I was relieved that I hadn’t participated.

When I returned home from work that night, the silence had yet to be broken. “Do you think I killed those dogs?” Mat asked me.
“You might have,” I said. I realized that if the dogs were indeed dead, I would be both sad and relieved.

So I suppose it was with a sort-of relief and a sort-of disappointment when the next morning I once again awoke to the sounds of bark times three. Mat was just relieved — his bedroom isn’t exposed to the sound of the dogs.

The last coupla weeks passed, the dogs continued their intermittent cavalcade of noise. What amazed me, and continues to amaze me, is that we (my roommates & I) seem to be the only people in the neighborhood who are bothered by the noise. It’s impossible to ignore, and if this sort of thing were going on in the States someone surely would have called animal control or the police by this point. We decided that something had to be done, so today I had one of my adult students write up a note (in Korean) explaining that the dogs barking is disturbing to us and asking her to please do something about it. I taped it to her door about fifteen minutes ago, in the midst of the grande bark-o-rama that began soon after I started typing this entry. I shall let you know if anything changes, and I ask you to pray that something does.

7 comments to the dogs

  • face the truth

    Why do so many losers from america try to become winners in korea? Are you Donald Nichols?

  • you

    You know you are a loser. Instead of having the human dignity and decency of killing yourself you decide to go to korea. brilliantly condescending.

  • Need a job?

    There are openings for suicide bombers. either side. take your pick. or has it already been taken.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s a suggestion, why don’t you and your roomates offer to take the poor dogs out for a walk once in a while?

  • Anonymous

    Who are these angry losers who wrote such mean, rotten, NASTY comments? Hopefully you will forgive them and hopefully they will grow up in a couple decades.

    I, personally, enjoyed your entry and am happy that, though you had nothing to do with it, the dogs had a good night’s sleep for once.

  • Anonymous

    If the first three LOSERS are angry because they are animal lovers, I hope they appreciate that the one who is killing the dogs is the careless KOREAN owner, and not the American whose only crime was posting a note on the door.

    They made my blood boil. Now I can’t sleep.

  • Anonymous

    modify the dosage accordingly, and repeat the chili concoction administration once a day.

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