sea-route decision

(What follows is the exact text of a sign that was posted in my old neighborhood in Yongsan:)



Thing sea-route decision to grow clean YongSan held an emphasis forwarding business in our Yong San Gu office 2004.
Asks several in order to proceed with a movable make “campaign in clean YongSan2ga-dong” successfully while a favor gives that standing up participate in resident you positively together.

1. Let’s keep wastes discharge time.
> As for the discharge time : p.m 6:00 – a.m 4:00
> Removing refusal and negligence penalty 50,000won are imposed if discharge time breaks.

2. Please do not throw the wastes.
> Is consistently controlling garbage a main day and night, and a negligence penalty of exposure 200,000won is imposed.
> Please use only the vinyl bag manufactured by Hangang Jonghap(ju). You can buy the vinyl bag of hangang jonghap(ju) at the following shops.
— Woori mart 790-6667 — Kim’s Club 795-1074
— Gobow super 795-0587

3. Disconnection will discharge recycled product exactly.
> The time to remove recycled product discharge time : p.m 6:00 – a.m 4:00.
> Wish that partitions off recycling and discharges.

The chief of Yongsan2ga-dong office

(“Last Saturday… part II” coming tomorrow, or the next day. Soon.)

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