I wish I had some new and exciting stories of my South Korean life, but there’s really very little happening lately. Perhaps my life here has become so routine that I’ve become blinded to the uniqueness of it all, or perhaps I’ve been existing but not really living. I’d hate to look back on right now with regret.

I’m in a rut, is the thing. It’s hard to come back to this place after getting a taste of what I’ve been missing in America. I’ve re-adapted, but I’m counting down the months I’ve got left here (less than five) much more than I should be… I’m living this strange and extraordinary life here and all I can think of is when I can return to relative normalcy.

This is life, though — the present moment getting lost amongst thoughts of the past and future. Do buddhists actually escape this cycle, or is it all talk?

And there’s Becky, too… she’s over there, in relative normalcy.

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  • Joe

    “The non-Buddhist once asked the World-Honored One, ‘I do not ask for words, I do not ask for no words.’ The World-Honored One sat still. The non-Buddhist said admiringly, ‘The compassion of the World-Honored One has dispelled the clouds of my illusion and has enabled me to enter the Way.’ Making a deep bow of gratitude, he departed. Ananda, who was nearby, said to the Buddha, ‘What was it that this non-Buddhist realized that he so praised you?’ The World-Honored One said, ‘A high-class horse moves at even the shadow of the whip.'”

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