lost three jobs

I lost three jobs this week. The first one I lost on Monday — I was told that they are just going to take a break for a while, but I’m going to assume this means that they’re stopping for good (I can’t wait for them to call, as I’m only here for five more months). The other two I lost yesterday — these two businessmen I teach are going to be on buisness trips for the next three months, and one of the students I taught on Friday morning is moving to Taiwan for a year. I’m not terribly upset about losing the Friday morning class, as it had become a real struggle for me to wake up early one day a week. And the two businessmen had become terribly unreliable over the last month, so this isn’t the worst class to be losing, either. This is all lost income, however, so I now need to start looking for replacement work again. Fun. Yay. Do you share my excitement?

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