Land of the Beheaded Kim Sun-il

Monsoon season has arrived here in South Korea, which means that it is remarkably humid and it rains almost every day. It’s not terribly hot, but the humidity often makes it feel like it is. I’ve never experienced weather like this, and now that I am I never want to again. The incessant rain is tolerable, and often relaxing when I have nowhere to go, but the humidity is just unbearable — by the time I get up the hill and back in my apartment I am usually pouring sweat.

In other news, the Korean government has blocked a bunch of websites — including all foreign blogs — in an effort to block access to the beheading video of Kim Sun-il (the South Korean hostage in Iraq). As you know, this is the first time I’ve even mentioned this video in here, but this doesn’t seem to matter as I have been unable to access my site (or any other foreign blog) since I returned from my trip to the States. Actually, I’ve found a way to sneak around the government’s block by using a foreign proxy server, but it’s a pain in my ass and it’s the principle of the thing that counts. I feel like I should post a link to the beheading video, if only to somehow make this censorship meaningful… maybe I’ll rename my site “Land of the Beheaded Kim Sun-il.”

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  • argh! i fecking hate censorship! didn’t eisenhower kill a bunch of people so south korea would be free? looks like all we got out of that deal was m*a*s*h.
    instead of you posting the video, how about i just do movie reviews of all the beheading videos?…

    kim sun-il:
    kim was the korean translator who, so far, was the last video-recorded beheading victim. his video was a bit of a nick berg rip-off. same set, same format. but this time around, somebody took some carving lessons. this head came off quickly and without fuss. and so far, he’s the only one who was blindfolded during the deed. i guess they liked him.
    i give kim sun-il 3 out of 5 machetes.

    paul johnson:
    paul was an american helicopter builder, possibly beheaded around the same time as berg. now his review is marred by the fact that there doesn’t seem to be a video of his beheading. only still photographs. come on terrorists! get off your al-jezer-asses and videotape your work! there is a video of him being held hostage. it’s filmed in night vision which gives it a weird paris-hiltony feel.
    i give paul johnson 1 out of 5 machetes.

    nick berg:
    nick was the american telecommunications guy whose video set the template for future beheadings. hostage in a jumpsuit tied to a chair, behind him masked men with weapons read a statement, behead, hold it up for the crowd, cue theme song. but the guy on sword duty sure had a hard time. he hacked away at it for about a half a minute before it finally tore loose. the other terrorists were all yelling at him as if dad was screwing up the turkey carving on thanksgiving. “go with the collarbone, not against it! with!” and yet, not a lot of blood. now of course, there’s also a lot of rumors that this video was faked or that he was dead when they cut it off. but that doesn’t hurt his score. people talking about it is a good thing.
    i give nick berg 4 out of 5 machetes.

    daniel pearl:
    daniel was the the american journalist beheaded in pakistan. his was the video that started the fad that’s sweeping across the middle east like school shootings did in america during the ’90s. this one is a lot different than the others. no boring, long foreign speeches that look like they were filmed for some public access channel show. this one edited together all sorts of different footage from the news and made a bunch of demands in english text. granted the quality of the video is still public access like, but at least they tried.
    i give daniel pearl 5 out of 5 machetes.

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