all moved into

I’m all moved into my new apartment, and having done so my life is now more relaxed in some ways yet less so in others. My new housemates like to party, and I’ve been known to enjoy a quaff of rum from time to time as well, just not repeatedly until six in the morning on a Sunday night. My concern at this point is that this is going to be a running theme, but then I can’t imagine that they possess the stamina to make it one. Fortunately, I didn’t have to work today until 4:30, so I was able to sleep in after having been kept up. I should amend this by saying that despite last night’s annoyance, my roommates seem to be nice guys that I imagine I will get along with quite well.


Tonight is my last night in this apartment, which isn’t terribly remarkable as I’ve only been living here for about two or three months, but it still seems strangely… final. I’m actually reflecting on the piece of my life that I’ve spent here, on the memories I’ve made in this place, as I pack up my bags once again. The only part of this apartment that I really like is my bedroom, the rest is a roach-infested mess, so I’m not really sad to be moving out… maybe I just wish it was my choice, or maybe I get too damn attached to places and things. I am far too nostalgic to be moving so often.

I noticed today that Koreans often shamelessly pick their noses in public. Disgusting, or liberating?


A photo of me and my student “Chris,” taken by his brother “Steve.”

Another one of my students — “William.”