Korean-Beatin' Stick

It’s raining here. It’s been raining since last night, and it’s not supposed to stop until sometime tomorrow or Monday. Apparently there’s a typhoon near Japan, and this torrential rain is the edge of it. I walked down the hill to the store to buy some water and spaghetti sauce a while ago, and I ended up treading through a small river of runoff… it was pretty fun, actually. I haven’t seen rain like this for some time, but I’m told this sort of weather becomes ordinary come monsoon season.

Perhaps the rain would bother me were I not flying to New York on Wednesday. Two more easy days of teaching, then a week of American frivolity.

Last week a student of mine told me that one of his teachers had beaten him with a stick for getting a bad score on a test. To prove it he pulled up his shorts and revealed a disturbingly bruised Korean butt. I asked him what his parents thought of him getting beaten by his teacher, and he said “they don’t like that teacher.” Over the course of the week I asked some of my other students if they’d ever been beaten by their teachers, and every single one of them said that they had, and most of them couldn’t remember how many times. I’m not sure what I think about this, only that it’s an interesting cultural difference and that I have to buy a Korean-Beatin’ Stick when I’m in New York City.

2 comments to Korean-Beatin' Stick

  • My fellow teachers regularly give out corporal punishment to students.
    It creeps me the hell out…the kids just walk out of the room with strained faces, stoic as they’ve been taught to be.

  • Yeah, that typhoon sucked. I almost got hit by a runaway wheelbarrow and several trees yesterday while I was driving. Several shops near my apartment had their plate-glass windows blown out. And yet today, it’s like nothing ever happened! Hooray for Japanese efficiency!

    Have a great time in New York!!!

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