I’m back to surfing the internet in PC rooms for the time being, which isn’t a tragedy but is also not a magical elf-divinated thing. I called the internet provider from my old apartment to get my service transferred today, so it should be a short time being until I am once again able to download massive amounts of pirated media in my free-time.

Today I taught at two places: my part-time hagwon job from 4:30-7:10, and my private student “Chris” from 7:45-8:45. My hagwon job is my least favorite, and it’s really starting to wear on me. My schedule has changed four times in the last two weeks, and the failure of the school to provide any sort of curriculum or guidance is just maddening. Fortunately, it pays very well, which usually balances all the annoyances out. “Chris,” on the other hand, is both my best and my favorite student. He’s only in middle school, but we’ve developed this really wonderful rapport that makes his hour more interesting and fun than it really should be. (By the way: the “Chris” in the photos I posted here a week ago is not the same “Chris” I am referring to here. Korean children have an affinity for the American name “Chris.”

In case I haven’t mentioned it, I’m off to NYC in two weeks. I can’t wait, no sir.

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    I really enjoy your website. Thanks for keeping it up. Wish Bec would write every day, too.

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