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I am back online in my place of South Korean residence again, much more quickly than I’d anticipated. I’m using the same company that I used in my old apartment, so my connection is ridiculously fast — over 2000 kbps, for those of you who might be impressed by that sort of thing.

Today is a beautiful Saturday, however, so at some point I plan to drag myself away from reading about the world to experience the concept of fresh air, or the closest ramification currently available in Seoul. I desperately need to buy a fan, as this city is getting to be as hot and humid as everyone warned me about. There’s a Korean superstition that if you use a fan with all the doors and windows closed, you will die… I think I’ll take my chances with that one.

In other, less whimsical news, my music review column at the Seoul Classified got usurped by my friend Kevin. I was kind of upset about it, mostly at the Seoul Classified people for not telling me about it — I found out when I looked at the current issue yesterday and saw four album reviews that I hadn’t written. Kevin didn’t really know that he was usurping my column, and in the end I’m essentially to blame for putting off the writing of said column for so long. Live and learn, then take my writing talents elsewhere.

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  • I was also warned — er, i mean directed — not to use a fan with the windows closed. “It’s like leaving the heat on in a car,” they pointed out to my bewilderment..

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