Done and done.

I finally found a place to live, after what often seemed like an endless and futile search. I’ll be moving to a smaller room in a three bedroom apartment that’s about a fifteen minute walk from my current residence — I now live in Yongsan-dong, I’ll be moving to Itaewon-dong. It’s a much nicer area, with several good grocery stores and Korean restaurants within walking distance, and is also much less ghetto-ish than my current neighborhood. I’ll be living with two Canadian teachers, the one I met is named Mat (with one t) — a twenty-nine year old who (like me) is a music and internet-phile, I think we’ll get along right well. The apartment is smaller, but much cleaner, and has great windows and access to a huge roof. I reckon it’ll be a fine place to spend the next five months.

So now all that’s left for me to do is move, and then my two big anxieties for the last three weeks will be effectively quashed — finding a place to live, and finding an airline ticket to NYC. Done and done. Now what do I worry about?

Beyond that, I didn’t do much this weekend. I find that I’m fairly comfortable being by myself here, although I spend far too much time on the internet. My current, and recent, excuse has been that going out costs money, and I need to save money here — both for NYC and for my debt. I really should be seeing more of Seoul, though — I often make plans to sightsee that never come to fruition. First on my list is the DMZ tour, which I plan to do once I return from NYC. I must settle first, then I can shake again.

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