dead right now

I can’t beleive that it’s June 1st. Whereas the first three months of my life in South Korea seemed to drag on forever, the last four or five months have sped by… I can’t decide which is better. Things have certainly worked out — almost perfectly — since I left my job at ____’s, as I’m now much happier and am seeing much more of this country than I would be were I still at ____’s. I’m also making more money, which is never a bad thing. I do have a bit of regret about leaving ____’s the way I did, which is inevitable, although I tell myself that everything that’s happened since is in some way a result of the way and the time that I left ____’s… were I to have stayed and gotten a release letter I might be getting ready to go to another full-time hogwan job right now, and that would be just unfortunate.

About two or three weeks ago I had a dream that there was a fire at ____’s — the new foreign teacher was killed, as were several of the students. Mr. ___ was in lots of trouble because something he had done or overlooked had indirectly caused the fire. I remember saying to someone (Becky, perhaps): “If I hadn’t left that school, I’d be dead right now.”

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