Buddha's birthday

blurToday is Buddha’s birthday, a national holiday in South Korea and many other countries with a large Buddhist population. To me this means that I have no school, and that I should have attended the lantern festival that took place last Sunday night but which I didn’t know about until today.

Last night we celebrated in true Buddhist fashion, by getting ridiculously drunk on free booze at the Seoul Classified‘s 6th birthday party. If it wasn’t for the free booze, the party would have been really lame and unattended. As it was, however, it was rather well attended and enjoyable in a blurry/socially slippery way. There was also free food, catered by a local Indian restaurant, but there was a long line and the plates were very small so I never really had enough to eat… this may have had something to do with my ease of intoxication.

After the party some some people came back to our apartment for an afterhours party, bits and pieces of which I remember — drinking wine, eating noodles with Mee-He, burning my Thailand candle, going to the store for more wine, and getting a splinter in my hand that I desperately need to remove today.

In other news, I finally got a plane ticket to NYC. So, I shall be returning to America for one week at the end of June for glee and yucks, and mostly to see Becky. Now, if anyone wants to see me, you know where I’ll be from June 23rd to the 29th — Manhattan. It will certainly be strange to be in city full of big white people after spending so much time in a country full of small yellow people.

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