We’re finally getting the internet hooked up in our apartment on Monday (or possibly Tuesday), so no more of this smoky and slightly depressing PC room. Yay. You have no idea how happy this makes me.

Becky took a short trip to Jordan last week, then she wrote about it here. When I return to Israel in November, I plan to return Becky to Jordan for my 100 camels.

Interesting South Korean fact: 18 holes of golf costs approximately $150.00. I learned this from my new, and very rich, private students that I taught yesterday. I’d hardly call it teaching, though, as they basically just want to hang out and play cards and board games with me for an hour and a half every Friday. I get paid for this — I get paid quite well for this. They are university students, and two of them are brother and sister living in their parents swanky apartment with a huge lcd television and an amazing view. It’s classes like this that reassure me about my decision to leave ____’s.

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