they have Ziploc bags here

Making my way through a subway station here yesterday, I noticed a Korean woman holding something in a bag with a distinct “Ziploc” logo on it. I remember thinking “Wow, they have Ziploc bags here.” It wasn’t me thinking that though, it was the people that I left in America to come here.

People in America generally have no idea what it’s like in South Korea — I had no idea what to expect before I arrived — so when I told people I was moving here their reactions were usually of the “Are you going to live in a hut?” and “Don’t they eat dog over there?” variety. South Korea is one of the many countries that Americans just don’t consider, and I’m willing to bet that most Americans (although nobody I know, I hope) would be hard pressed to locate it on a map.

I remember when a friend of mine asked “What are you going to eat over there?” and I told him that there was an Outback Steakhouse here. “Really?” he said. He could have very easily have said “What are you going to store your frozen foods in over there?”

A very partial list of Western products and establishments that I have seen in South Korea:

Outback Steakhouse
Ziploc Bags
Smint Mints
Mountain Dew
McDonalds (of course)
Burger King
Quizno’s Subs
The Gap
TGI Friday’s
Oral B Toothbrushes
Starbucks (everywhere)
Dunkin Donuts
Baskin Robbins

Must go now — I have to start the tribal campfire to cook up the breakfast dog.

2 comments to they have Ziploc bags here

  • the search for heinz ketchup

    I have been reading Land of the Anxious Dog’s blog…

  • I haven’t actually found any Ziplocs in Japan, maybe it’s the national passion for intricate bow-tying and packaging. I actually hoard them when I find them though, it’s depressing/funny like a lot of the things I find myself doing here. For instance, a friend sent me some Christmas cookies with a Ziploc full of popcorn as padding, and I thoroughly washed and dried the precious Ziploc and keep it carefully folded in a special cupboard. For what special occasion I can’t possibly imagine though. Yikes.

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