Seoul photos

I didn’t have any classes today, so I spent a couple hours uploading some Seoul photos — some old, some new — into a brand-new “Seoul” photo album on this very website. I’ve got more photos than these, but I am familiar with the law of diminishing returns so I shall save the rest for another workless day or sleepless night. Click on the photo below, or down and to your right.


I passed my six-month mark in South Korea a few days ago (the sixteenth) without even noticing. This, if anything, seems to be an indication that my life in Seoul is better than it was in Incheon — no way would I have overlooked a half-year anniversary there. I’ve been living in South Korea for six months — this is a sentence that I couldn’t have anticipated (until recently, of course).

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  • Anonymous

    Those are some great shots.
    So that’s Mr. Cho, I was expecting a small hyper man. He actually looks pretty intimidating even with that hat. A macho man with a soft side.

  • if i were musical, i’d start a band called “korean mullet”.

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