Pet Drug House


I’m not sure what the story is here, but my assumption would be that they sell animal medication. I’ve never seen an animal pharmacy in America, or anywhere for that matter… perhaps animals get sick more often in South Korea, or perhaps it is trendy to needlessly medicate one’s pets.

Things are coming together for me here. I found this woman — Mrs. Lim — who has been lining me up with private students nonstop for the last two weeks. She’s already providing more than half my current income, and she keeps telling me that she can get me more work. My schedule is getting close to ideal — I work about twenty hours per week, I don’t have to get up early, and I’m making more money that I’ve ever made (which isn’t saying much, but it is saying something) with the possibilty for more. Most importantly, I’m relaxed, which is something that I rarely was at ____’s. Finally I am comfortable with the fact that I made the right choice back in January, as after a bit of strife things seem to have worked out right nicely.

Here is a picture of Becky (and me) on her birthday yesterday…


…we were talking on NetMeeting, which is actually quite amazing (and free) technology, but which Becky & I use so often it has gotten to be fairly normal.

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  • Anonymous

    Your recent photo of the pet drug house sign was entertaining. At the top of the picture was a sign I found equally amusing. What is a “charm zone?” And if it’s what I think it is, what were you doing there?

  • momofyourfavoriteperson

    Hi, Jef! Thank you for the beautiful picture of Becky on her birthday. I wasn’t even able to talk to her until the day after her birthday, and you got her picture! You must rate!

    Just wanted to congratulate you on your string of good jobs and good fortune. The Good Book says that ALL things come together for good…And who would have thought that having one’s water turned off for several days could have had such an excellent consequence?

    Stay well.

    The mom of your favorite person

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