working illegally

I called the Korean Embassy in Osaka today, and was told that I could get a C-3 (three month, multiple-entry tourist visa) as an American. I’m not wholly convinced, as I didn’t mention that I have a cancelled work visa in my passport, and I’m not sure if the embassy there would have access to bad things Mr. ___ may or may not have said about me, but this does give me hope.

I also talked to the director’s assistant at work today (Karen), and she told me that while the school would still pay for my trip to Japan (probably next Tuesday), they had also decided that it was highly unlikely that I would be able to get a work visa from the school — for whatever reason. So, as immigration now has the school’s address and my name on file, they’d decided that it’d be best for me to stop working there at the middle or end of March. This is completely fine with me, as I am working illegally now, and the fact that immigration knows where they might be able to find me working illegally is a bad thing. I’m also happy that I’ll be free to find new jobs closer to where I live, as the hour commute to work each day is beginning to wear on me. So, if I’m actually able to get this C-3 visa in Osaka, things will work out relatively perfectly.

I also got assigned another article for The Seoul Classified — the Cleveland piece that I’d started but stopped in lieu of the Jerusalem piece (which fortunately appeared in the print version without the spelling errors of the online version). They need it by Wednesday morning, so I’d best get working.

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