pre-departure pictures


I finally got around to developing the last two rolls of film-film I took, revealing a combination of pre-departure pictures and post-arrival pictures. I have posted the pre-departure pictures here today, perhaps I will post the rest tomorrow. Click on the photo above, or down and to the left.

I found out yesterday that the Korean woman who lives in this apartment is moving out next weekend. This is good news, as I was thinking about moving out because of her. I won’t go into details, but she’s essentially just a remarkably unpleasant person to live with. I’m also getting a bigger room and a bigger bed out of the deal, as Dan is moving into her old room and I am moving into Dan’s current room. Hopefully we can find a new roommate who doesn’t scowl at us.

1 comment to pre-departure pictures

  • Rach

    Glad to see you smiling Jef. I’ll update my blog soon just for you…until them happy travels.

    ps: I miss you more

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