Last night was a blur.

Started at Patrick’s housewarming party, which was loud and involved a barbeque grill on the patio. I drank lots of wine and ate chicken, macaroni salad, deviled eggs, black olives, broccoli, a hamburger, and a round Korean pastry thing. People from all over the world, and a surprisingly high percentage of Americans — two from Iowa, one from Seattle, one from Utah (not a Mormon), one from Tennessee, and one from Ohio. Korean dog show on the television — some of us betting on which dog would win. At one point a neighbor Korean girl shows up with a huge styrofoam container full of strawberries, which are gone in less than fifteen minutes, leaving the Korean girl looking around uncertainly. “Koreans don’t have house parties,” someone says as explanation for the stares we’re getting from the building across the way. Eventually a neighbor complains, and the party is forced to subdue itself.

I end up sharing taxi to Itaewon with some of the party people, and upon arrival meet Dan and his girlfriend (Mee-Hee) at a wine bar. They are drunk when I arrive, as am I, but the bottle has already been opened so there’s no choice but to finish it. We finish it and become drunker. Dan and Mee-Hee take a taxi home, and I head to another bar to meet up with the party people I taxied with earlier.

The bar is surprisingly crowded for 3:30 in the morning, and I run into even more people from the party than those in the taxi. I think twice about that drink, and end up in an argument with a guy about whether money actually does make one happier — he argued that it does, I argued that it was a fleeting and unsubstantial happiness. There is talk of going to a singing room, followed by the realization that I am very drunk and tired, and the decision to go home.

A short taxi ride, a call to Becky from a pay phone, and bed.

I remember more than I should.

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  • mvt

    Still here. Still watching from afar. Good to see you are still kicking. I’ll compose a proper note soon. So much… WHere to begin?

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