seeming chaos

Club Night last night was quite fun, more fun than I’d expected. First I went out to dinner with my friend Patrick and two of his Korean friends, after which we met a bunch of people from Incheon — some of whom I’d met and others whom I hadn’t — at a bar in Sincheon (the main clubbing area of Seoul). After drinking enough to allow ourselves to dance unselfconsciously, we headed to the clubs. I’ve never been one for dance clubs, but I’ll be damned if I didn’t have quite the time. The clubs were packed, the music was loud, and I found myself often just getting swept away in the seeming chaos of it all. I even danced, if you can believe that.

I found a part-time job in Southeast Seoul — two hours a day teaching primary schoolers, and they agreed to sponsor my new work visa as long as I pay for the trip to Japan. The visa sponsorship offer made me take the job, as I’ll be able to make far more money working several part-time jobs than with one full-time job, and most part-time employers won’t sponsor a work visa. I do need to find a permanent place to live, which is a fairly big problem right now, and the school is quite a subway ride from central Seoul. In the end, though, I’m not planning on staying here for another year, so I’d like to find work that doesn’t require me to do so.

And, I’m going to meet with Mr. ___ tomorrow night. I’m a bit scared, really, as I’m not really sure what he’s going to ask of me at this point. I offered to go back and work for him in two separate emails, and he never responded to the offer, so I assumed that it was off the table. I will pay him back the money for the plane ticket and bills as soon as I am able, whether or not he agrees to give me the release letter. I’m essentially convinced that I don’t need the release letter at this point, although I know that Mr. ___ doesn’t realize this, so he’s going to go into tomorrow thinking he has the upper hand and I shall do my best to allow him to maintain that impression. I’d like to help him find a new teacher, but in the end I’ve also got myself to worry about, and I feel as if the help I’ve offered him thus far has been largely ignored.

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