My last night in Thailand, for a while, anyway. I was going to leave this morning, but decided to change it at the last minute — I still had some Baht left, and I wasn’t prepared to leave yet. Now I feel ready to go, as it is getting hotter by the day here and I am nearly out of Baht. Timing is everything, as is an open-ended plane ticket.

I spent yesterday wandering around. I ended up at a big flower market, with more flowers than I have ever seen all being sold in this one area. I walked by many Buddist temples, saw many Buddists, and sweated my ass off in the stifling heat. I found the river here, too, and rode a boat up and down for a few hours. At one of the stops there were people selling bags of stale bread to feed to the fish — thousands of big fish who were just mad with hunger or something, flapping all over one another to get to the food. It was interesting to watch, and a little sad. Then, last night, I ran into Omer again at the same outdoor bar, hung out with him for a couple hours.

Mr. ___ update: I emailed him and offered to go back to work for him at a reduced wage and with slightly reduced hours (so I’d have time to visit schools in Seoul in the morning) until I find a new place to work and a new teacher for his institute. This, in exchange for the release letter. Once again, I was very apologetic and all in the email, and I explained that this seemed to be a solution that would solve both of our problems. Surprisingly, or maybe not, the response I got from him said that I was being “negative” and that I was “playing tricks on him” after which he once again asked me for help finding a new teacher. He also wrote that if he didn’t get the money for the airfare by Friday, that he would go to immigration and tell them about me (although I’m not sure what he would say). So, I wrote back and repeatedly apologized again, explained my solution once again in a different way, then told him that if all he wanted was for me to pay back the airfare, that I would do it and that would be that. I advised him to use a recruiter if he needed a teacher quickly, and tried to make it clear to him that I am genuinely trying to help him with this problem. That was last night, and I haven’t heard back yet.

His emails do make me laugh, though, if only because every one of them simply starts “Jeff!”

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