back in Bangkok

I’m back in Bangkok, and I’m so very tired. Traveling for twenty straight hours is exausting, and now I’m stuck waiting for a decent room to stay in for the next few nights. I just want to eat something, take a hot shower, and then take a long nap. Alas, it seems as if it will be several more hours before I’m able to do two out of three.

The trip back to Bangkok was hot and relatively uneventful. I broke the rules (if there are such things in Thailand) and opened the window of my train bunk so I could see the stars. It was so worth it — I haven’t seen stars like for a long time, and never from a night train to Bangkok. I didn’t get in trouble, and I still don’t understand why they insist on closing the windows when they put the bunks down. Noise, perhaps.

I feel disconnected from the world today, and it hurts because I’m so tired.

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