a wash

The story keeps getting stranger.

Over the last week or so, Mr. ___ and I have exchanged a series of emails — me explaining and apologizing for doing what I did, and him venting his anger and then agreeing to give me the release letter in exchange for the money for my airline ticket. The last email I got (yesterday) basically asked me to call him when I got back to Korea so we could work out the release letter, so I assumed things were settled.

Today, however, I got an email from him saying that Monique — the teacher that I got to replace me — announced that she is leaving in a week to attend a university in Seoul, and asking me what I think he should do now. I’m at a complete loss on so many levels. I can’t believe that Monique, who was so desperate for a job, and who almost seemed judgemental about the fact that I left the school the way I did (despite the fact that I got her a job in the process) is now leaving with a week’s notice. I also can’t believe (although maybe I can) that Mr. ___ is now coming to me for advice, after having chastised and threatened me in previous emails.

This is a completely fucked-up situation, and I’m really not sure what to do. I could offer to go back to work for Mr. ___, despite the fact that it would be horribly awkward to do so, until he (I) can find a new permanent teacher. I can no longer legally work for him, as my work visa is now cancelled, but I honestly don’t think it would matter much to him at this point. I also, obviously, really don’t want to go back and work at that school, but I feel somewhat responsible for his current situation. Or, I could offer to help find a new teacher for him in exchange for the release letter, in lieu of the money for the plane ticket. The thing is, I probably won’t even need the release letter — I’ll probably be able to go back to Korea and get a new job and work visa with no problems. So, I could just ignore the whole situation and not feel terribly guilty about doing so, considering some of the threats Mr. ___ has thrown my way over the past month. I really wish I didn’t know at all, so I could just plead ignorance to the whole matter. Knowing about it means I have to react, even if my reaction is not to act at all.

In other news, I also found out today that I don’t even have to go to the Korean Embassy here to get a tourist visa and cancel my work visa, I just have to leave the country and come back.

One less thing to worry about + one more thing to worry about = a wash.

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  • Anonymous

    Suggestion: Why don’t you offer to go back for two or three weeks and work for Mr. Cho for free, to pay off your plane ticket–in exchange for the use of the apartment, a little money for food, and a release lette–while you look for another job. You would be very busy, helping him find another teacher, teaching, and finding your own job, but your conscience would be clear. You don’t owe him that, certainly, but there is something to be said for being better than you have to be. It will keep him in business, and it will keep you out of the hole for a few weeks while you look. You’ve felt bad about this situation for a while, and while his immature rantings may seem like an excuse not to feel bad, you could still do what it takes to end on the moral high ground without having to make any excuses at all.

    Meanwhile, someone is thinking of you in Jerusalem.

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