Skinniest Santa ever

Christmas Eve in South Korea… didn’t see this one coming, either.

My cold is subsiding, although elements of it still linger in the form of extreme fatigue and a seemingly endless snot supply. I’m making coffee at night so I can wake up for the Christmas Eve party I’m headed to in about an hour. I haven’t drank booze in almost two weeks, but I plan to tonight… should be interesting and perhaps refreshing. Booze kills sick, yes?

We celebrated Christmas at the institute today — a big party and presents for the Kindergartners, games and candy for the older kids. As the only male teacher I was a shoo-in to wear the Santa costume, which I did — sans beard (too itchy). Skinniest Santa ever, but it worked out ok as the costume was designed for Korean proportions.

Is a strange feeling being so far from home on Christmas — bad in a tragically homesick way, but good in an empowering and personal growth way. Mostly bad, though… it’s really easy to appreciate how wonderful spending Christmas with one’s family is when one is unable to do so. I’m not depressed, but I probably would be were I not preparing to go to Israel in three days.

I learned today that there is a popular Korean beverage that is essentially carbonated milk — it’s half soda and half milk. They sell it at the stores in a pop bottle, and it is white. I also learned that many Koreans enjoy eating deep fried hard boiled eggs, which is exactly as it sounds.

2 comments to Skinniest Santa ever

  • Karla

    Merry Christmas!!!

  • dan

    Koreans like deep fried eggs; at a county fair last year I had a deep-fried Twinkie. So entirely different, yet so similar in the fact that both things are just entirely odd.

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